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Peterborough Train Station


Peterborough station
Station Road


Ticket office opening hours:

Monday - Friday - 05:45 to 21:00
Saturday - 05:45 to 21:00
Sunday - 08:05 to 21:00

  • NO Waiting room
  • YES Ticket machine
  • YES Toilet
  • YES Impaired Access Staff

Station facilities

  • Accessibility
    • Step Free Access

      This station has step free access to all platforms.

      This station is a category A station according to the Office of Rail and Road station classification system

      Steps and lifts are available for access to all 7 platforms. Ticket Office and Car Park are step free.

      Peterborough has a RNIB Map for All located outside the main entrance to the right of the doors.

      Coverage: whole Station
    • Accessible Public Telephones YES Yes
    • Accessible Taxis No
    • First Class Lounge YES Yes
    • Help Points No
    • Impaired Accessible Booking Office Counter YES Yes
    • Impared Access Staff YES Yes
    • Impared Access Ticket Gate YES Yes
    • Impaired Accessible Ticket Machines YES Yes
    • Induction Loop No
    • Impaired Mobility Set Down YES Yes
    • National Key Toilets YES Yes
    • Ramp for Train Access YES Yes
    • Wheel chairs Available YES Yes
    • Impaired Access Staff Help Hours Saturday - 04:00 to 00:30
      Sunday - 06:00 to 00:30
    • Accessible Taxis

      Outside station plus we can book by phone

    • Customer Help Point But there is a floorwalker in reception, a CIP by the entrance also
    • Helpline No
    • Impared Access Ticket Gate

      This station has Secure Station Accreditation

    • Step Free Access Coverage Whole Station
    • Staff Help

      Assistance meeting point is Customer Information Point in main concourse

  • Ticketing Hours
    • Ticket Office Hours Monday - Friday - 05:45 to 21:00
      Saturday - 05:45 to 21:00
      Sunday - 08:05 to 21:00
  • Station Seating Areas
    • First Class Lounge Hours Monday - Friday - 06:30 to 21:30
  • Restrooms
    • Toilets YES Yes
    • Baby Change YES Yes
    • Toilets Note The toilets are located on Platform 1 and between Platforms 4 and 5. The National key toilets are located on Platforms 1 ; these toilets are operated by a RADAR key. A RADAR key is available from the Customer Services Office on Platform 1.
  • Priority Lounge Information
    • First Class Lounge: Note

      The First Class Lounge  For LNER customers is located in the Great Northern Hotel directly opposite the station.

  • Phones, Internet & Wi-fi
    • Station Amenities: Telephone YES Yes
    • Web Kiosk: Available No
    • Station Amenities: Wi-Fi Find WiFi Hotspots around Peterborough station ( )
  • Mail and Express Services
    • Post Box: Note

      Located at the front of the station 

  • Baggage Services
    • Left Luggage: Available No
    • Left Luggage: URL
  • Ticketing Services & Information
    • Oyster Pre-Pay No
    • Ticket Machine YES Yes
    • Customer Service Note In Travel Centre and on concourse.
    • Smartcard Notes Smartcard Issued: Yes
      Smartcard Validator: Yes

      Collection is available for Smart tickets bought online. 

  • Station Information
    • ATM YES Yes
    • Baby Change YES Yes
    • Post Box YES Yes
    • Station Buffet YES Yes
    • Lost Property: URL
    • Bureau De Change No
    • Lost Property YES Yes
    • Shops YES Yes
    • Seated Area YES Yes
    • Showers No
    • Trolley YES Yes
    • Wifi No
    • Waiting Room No
    • Lost Property Phone number: 01302 362175
    • Customer Service Note We welcome your feedback, suggestions and ideas to help us to make changes that can develop and grow our business.
    • Lost Property Number 01302 362175
    • Staffing Level YES Yes
  • Station Location & Directions
    • Latitude 52.57499236
    • Longitude -0.249830061
  • Parking
    • Car Parking Details Parking 1:

      For a map of how to get to the car parks, please click here.

      Operator Name: London North Eastern Railway
      Name: Main station
      Spaces: 731
      Off-peak: £5.00
      PerHour: N/A
      Daily: £15.00
      Weekly: £49.00
      Monthly: £195.00
      ThreeMonthly: £460.00
      SixMonthly: N/A
      Annual: £1385.00
      Saturday: £5.00
      Sunday: £5.00

      Annual Season Premier Bays £1915.00

      Friday - Monday long weekend parking - £12.00, purchase tickets on the day.

      Accessible Spaces Note: There are a further 28 spaces for blue (disabled) badge holders.  25 of these are in the area behind the Great Northern hotel with a further 3 within the main long stay car park towards the south of the station
      Cctv: No

      Parking 2:

      Operator Name: London North Eastern Railway
      Name: Mayor's Walk Car Park
      Spaces: 262
      Off-peak: £7.00
      PerHour: £2.00
      Daily: £15.00
      Weekly: £49.00
      Monthly: £195.00
      ThreeMonthly: £460.00
      SixMonthly: N/A
      Annual: £1385.00
      Saturday: £6.00
      Sunday: £6.00

      Special weekend rate available Friday to Monday at £17.00, this must be purchased from the Travel Centre prior to travel 

      Cctv: No

      Parking 3:

      Name: Spittle Bank
      Spaces: 193
      Off-peak: £7.00
      PerHour: N/A
      Daily: £15.00
      Weekly: £49.00
      Monthly: £195.00
      ThreeMonthly: £445.00
      SixMonthly: N/A
      Annual: £1385.00
      Saturday: £6.00
      Sunday: £6.00

      Cctv: No

  • Dining and Shopping
    • Dining & Shopping: Shops YES Yes
    • Dining & Shopping: Station Buffet YES Yes
  • Cycle Storage
    • Closed Circuit TV YES Yes
    • Type
      Wheel Racks
    • Availability YES Yes
    • Cycle Hire: Note Brompton Dock 0208 232 3931 (
    • Location

      Alongside station entrance and adjacent to BTP office

    • Sheltered YES Yes
    • Spaces 458
  • Bus information
    • Bus Service: Availability YES Yes
    • Bus Service: Note Information to plan your onward journey is available in a printable format  here (
  • Taxi Information
    • Availability YES Yes
    • Note Taxis are available, whilst services run, there is also a private hire firm situated at the station. Peterborough Taxis: 01733 777 000
  • Other transportation
    • Cycle Hire YES Yes
    • Rail Replacement Services

      Rail Replacement Coaches leave from the station entrance.

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