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Electric mobility scooters

We recognise that scooters come in a variety of shapes and sizes and we try to accommodate these on board our trains if they fit within the dimensions shown below. All of our trains have a legally compatible wheelchair space, however there is a limitation on the footprint available to allow access to this space.  In the situation where the wheelchair or scooter is larger than these dimensions then these will not be able to access the coach from the vestibule area.

Our on train staff will help customers to board our trains and provide assistance throughout the journey. We work closely with station operators to ensure a joined up journey experience. We encourage customers wherever possible to pre-book journey assistance.

Wheelchair and scooter users can use the designated wheelchair spaces within the following coaches:

  • Coach F (Standard)
  • Coach E (First Class)

We are able to accommodate wheelchairs and scooters within the following dimensions:

  • 70cm wide
  • 120cm in length
  • 300kg maximum weight including passenger

We can also convey folding scooters as luggage as long as these can be lifted by accompanying persons.